Best Buy Products by HiVi Winter 2024

Introducing NuPrime’s DAC-9X, a sleek D/A converter/preamplifier priced at ¥264,000. Boasting a chic design and versatile connectivity, it’s suitable for headphone setups or high-fidelity environments, delivering nuanced musicality. Pair it with NuPrime’s AMG PRA at ¥352,000, a top-tier preamplifier renowned for its precise soundstage. Completing the setup is the compact yet powerful NuPrime STA-9X power amplifier, priced at ¥242,000, delivering a supple, bouncy sound.

Best Buy Components 2023 Results Announcement by Stereo January 2024

Introducing NuPrime’s power duo for audiophiles on a budget: the DAC-9X preamplifier and the STA-9X power amplifier. With impeccable specs like PCM384kHz support, 110dB SN ratio, and compact design, they redefine value. Elevate your audio experience without breaking the bank. Quality sound, unbeatable price.

NuPrime DAC-9X and NuPrime STA-9X review by HiFi-IFAs

The NuPrime chain impresses with its dynamic bass, intricate details, and precise vocals, evident in tracks like “Diesel Power.” Owners revel in diverse music choices, from “Need Some 1” to “Wild Frontier.” No need for audiophile elitism; it’s all about enjoying the ride. Read more at

NuPrime 9X Series review by HiFi.NL

NuPrime has struck gold with the premium and affordable 9X Series. The optics and construction of the compact DAC-9X, STA-9X and Stream-9 hi-fi components are formidable. Thanks to the many features, the equipment level and the available connections, this NuPrime series occupies a unique position.

When it comes to the music experience, it exceeds its peers by a wide margin. The sound quality is phenomenal. As the NuPrime itself indicates: “Beyond Ordinary” and this is not a lie.

DAC-9X review

– What Hi-Fi?,

“…Larger-scale dynamic shifts are rendered with conviction while lower-level nuances still come through with clarity.
The soundstage is impressively wide and nicely layered.

We are equally pleased to report that the DAC-9X’s preamp section is a good one. Judged by price standards it displays an impressive degree of finesse, delivering a well-resolved and musical performance.

The NuPrime DAC-9X is a talented and versatile product that is capable of delivering pleasing results in a wide range of systems. Match it with the care a product at this level deserves and it won’t disappoint.”