NuPrime 9X Series review by HiFi.NL

NuPrime has struck gold with the premium and affordable 9X Series. The optics and construction of the compact DAC-9X, STA-9X and Stream-9 hi-fi components are formidable. Thanks to the many features, the equipment level and the available connections, this NuPrime series occupies a unique position.

When it comes to the music experience, it exceeds its peers by a wide margin. The sound quality is phenomenal. As the NuPrime itself indicates: “Beyond Ordinary” and this is not a lie.

DAC-9X review

– What Hi-Fi?,

“…Larger-scale dynamic shifts are rendered with conviction while lower-level nuances still come through with clarity.
The soundstage is impressively wide and nicely layered.

We are equally pleased to report that the DAC-9X’s preamp section is a good one. Judged by price standards it displays an impressive degree of finesse, delivering a well-resolved and musical performance.

The NuPrime DAC-9X is a talented and versatile product that is capable of delivering pleasing results in a wide range of systems. Match it with the care a product at this level deserves and it won’t disappoint.”