D/A converter category 2
(200,000 yen or more but less than 600,000 yen [220,000 yen or more but less than 660,000 yen including tax])


NuPrime DAC-9X


This attractive D/A converter/preamplifier features a compact chassis with a sophisticated front panel design, and a variety of digital inputs and analog input/outputs. The scope of use is wide, from headphone environments to high-fidelity/desktop environments. The sound is good at expressing musical intonation – by Hijikata
Control amplifier section 1
(Less than 1 million yen [less than 1.1 million yen including tax])




 Prime’s top-of-the-line analog preamplifier. It has a 4-stage loudness control and a 2-stage gain switching function, and these two functions are very useful when listening to music. Sharp sound with a crisp sound image. The rich and expansive stereo image is also outstanding – by Yamamoto
Power amplifier section 1
(Less than 500,000 yen [less than 550,000 yen including tax])



Despite its compact size, this stereo power amplifier has a hybrid configuration that combines a high-efficiency D-class power amplifier in front of an A-class amplifier. The power circuit is equipped with a sturdy toroidal transformer. Useful as a power amplifier for multiple channels such as surround – by Ohara

NuPrime STA-9X



A stereo power amplifier featuring a compact design with a width of 235 mm. Built into its body is a single-ended A-class first stage and a high-efficiency, high-S/N D-class power stage, giving it a driving force that is hard to imagine from its cute appearance. A supple and bouncy sound. There is no roughness – by Fujiwara