NuPrime AMG STA review by Totally Wired

The NuPrime AMG STA power amplifier boasts a plethora of advantages that redefine audio excellence. Its unique amalgamation of Class A warmth and Class D efficiency delivers unparalleled musicality, characterized by remarkable clarity, detail, and low noise floor. With the ability to bridge for full mono operation, it offers high sensitivity and world-leading switching speeds, all while maintaining cool operation. The Special Edition version amplifies these qualities, enhancing resolution, sound staging, and overall musical engagement. Whether it’s the ease and flow of music or the transformative growl it adds, the AMG STA sets a new standard for amplifier performance, making it an indispensable cornerstone of any audiophile setup.

NuPrime Evolution Dac-2 and STA combination review by HiFi.NL

NuPrime unveils the Evolution DAC-2, a successor to its acclaimed Evolution DAC, marking a milestone in its top-tier lineup. Coupled with the Evolution STA power amp, it forms an impressive music duo. Boasting stellar sound, diverse inputs, and sleek design, the NuPrime Evolution DAC-2 secures a formidable market stance.

NuPrime AMG DAC review by The Ear

Jason Kennedy, from THE EAR, praises the Nuprime AMG DAC for its sleek design and refined sound. He notes its sensitivity to dynamics, allowing for clear instrument separation. Kennedy particularly admires the deep, weighty bass and its compatibility with lively speaker setups. Read the full review here:

Best Buy Products by HiVi Winter 2024

Introducing NuPrime’s DAC-9X, a sleek D/A converter/preamplifier priced at ¥264,000. Boasting a chic design and versatile connectivity, it’s suitable for headphone setups or high-fidelity environments, delivering nuanced musicality. Pair it with NuPrime’s AMG PRA at ¥352,000, a top-tier preamplifier renowned for its precise soundstage. Completing the setup is the compact yet powerful NuPrime STA-9X power amplifier, priced at ¥242,000, delivering a supple, bouncy sound.

Best Buy Components 2023 Results Announcement by Stereo January 2024

Introducing NuPrime’s power duo for audiophiles on a budget: the DAC-9X preamplifier and the STA-9X power amplifier. With impeccable specs like PCM384kHz support, 110dB SN ratio, and compact design, they redefine value. Elevate your audio experience without breaking the bank. Quality sound, unbeatable price.

NuPrime Stream-9 review by

The NuPrime Stream-9, as described by Audiomuzofans, boasts a sleek appearance and meticulous attention to its power supply design. Delivering exemplary dynamics, rich bass, and a detailed, open midrange, it earns high praise for its turbocharged performance. Read the full review here:

NuPrime DAC-9X and NuPrime STA-9X review by HiFi-IFAs

The NuPrime chain impresses with its dynamic bass, intricate details, and precise vocals, evident in tracks like “Diesel Power.” Owners revel in diverse music choices, from “Need Some 1” to “Wild Frontier.” No need for audiophile elitism; it’s all about enjoying the ride. Read more at

NuPrime 9X Series review by HiFi.NL

NuPrime has struck gold with the premium and affordable 9X Series. The optics and construction of the compact DAC-9X, STA-9X and Stream-9 hi-fi components are formidable. Thanks to the many features, the equipment level and the available connections, this NuPrime series occupies a unique position.

When it comes to the music experience, it exceeds its peers by a wide margin. The sound quality is phenomenal. As the NuPrime itself indicates: “Beyond Ordinary” and this is not a lie.

IA-9X review by John Ransley

With almost every other amplifier design, the sonic character you get is effectively set. Maybe you have old fashioned tone adjustment or switching for speaker impedance, but this doesn’t fundamentally change anything and often is a step backwards. The IA-9X has a second circuit which works in tandem with ODC – the Harmonic Generation Circuit utilising Class A transistors for a warmer, richer sound similar to that of a vacuum tube amplifier.

NuPrime AMG One Review By The Absolute Sound

amg one

After all the tweaking was complete, I became fully aware of a highly transparent, wide, and deep soundstage, featuring well-defined image outlines. On a well-recorded choral track such as “Shenandoah” by Cantus, I was startled by the 3D presentation of individual voices. It became clear that the AMG One could deliver a spatial impression that most solid-state amps can only dream of. Bass extension and impact were superb. Upright bass pitch definition was spot on, while tympani strikes took off with satisfying punch. Even in a fairly large room, power reserve was adequate for the DeVille. Transient speed and control were also noteworthy, which accounted for vinyl surface noise being non-intrusive.