DAC-9X review

– What Hi-Fi?, whathifi.com

“…Larger-scale dynamic shifts are rendered with conviction while lower-level nuances still come through with clarity.
The soundstage is impressively wide and nicely layered.

We are equally pleased to report that the DAC-9X’s preamp section is a good one. Judged by price standards it displays an impressive degree of finesse, delivering a well-resolved and musical performance.

The NuPrime DAC-9X is a talented and versatile product that is capable of delivering pleasing results in a wide range of systems. Match it with the care a product at this level deserves and it won’t disappoint.”

Customer Review: Evolution STA – Stellar amplifier and outstanding service

– Chad Olsen, summithifiusa.com

“As it turns out, I did not have to worry. With the Evolution STA in the system, there was no perceived loss of bass control. Indeed, there was the same control, but with a more detailed bass than the AMG STA’s. As cliche as it sounds, across the frequency spectrum, I was hearing things that I swear I had not heard before with the AMG STA’s. The Evolution STA was able to do all this while retaining the detailed yet smooth sound signature that I really like about Nuprime amplification. The Evolution STA represents the best class D implementation I have heard. This is a truly end game type amplifier for me.”

STA-100 stereo power amplifier – Tiny but Mighty

– John Ransley, Totally Wired Limited

“This is NuPrime at their very best –  the new STA-100 is their most affordable power amp yet, a radical internal design and fantastic sound quality that will have you wondering how such a small box can produce such a big sound.

The STA-100 is real high end – it’s expressive and detailed, pacy and involving. And when NuPrime describe it as having ‘explosive power at high volume’, they aren’t  kidding; this baby can go! And it just gets better as it warms up…The background noise levels are vanishingly low.

I’m struggling to find a downside…But more importantly this model is a welcome addition and delivers an authentic NuPrime experience to a whole new audience.”

Best of 2016 and Product of the Year – Part-Time Audiophile

– John Grandberg, parttimeaudiophile.com

“How does 120W x 2 worth of hybrid Class A + Class D amplification for $649 sound? How about running a pair of them in mono mode for a total of 290W per channel? You’d think there must surely be some compromise involved yet try as I might I just can’t find it.These little fellows offer richly textured sound with an excellent soundstage and deep low-end extension, all in a tiny package. The amps build on the classic NuForce Reference models of yesteryear, but take on a subtly relaxed flavor where those older models could be a bit high strung. This is a hugely crowd-pleasing product worthy of serious attention despite its affordable nature”

STA-9 Amplifier: Qobuzissime for this concentrate of energy and musicality!

– Philippe Daussin, qobuz.com

“Combination of energy and musicality
…NuPrime’s achievements have earned an excellent reputation, including its digital amplifiers, including the STA-9 model on power stages using a brand design and preceded by class A gain stages. Listeners get excellent sound results, which should reconcile the advocates of opposing opinions on the amplification classes!…”

Review: NuPrime STA-9 | power amplifier

– Jörg Dames, fairaudio.de

– exceptionally clean, clear sound, not least promotes a very pleasant, seemingly organic timbres representation.
– tonal neutrality, the sound image becomes but absolutely consistent and coherent.
– an impeccable resolution, delivered pleasant long-term compatible sound.
– well-balanced voice or midrange.
– excellent space: precise focus
– we recommended listeners to experience with both the stereo and mono versions“

Test: NuPrime Omnia SW-8 – audiophile hi-fi network switch

– BERND WEBER, hifi-ifas.de

“…Digital zeros and ones are very precise numbers, without any cuts or roundings. They are rocked through the area and it is good with it. At the same time, checksums are transmitted to determine errors in the data transmission. If something does not match, the data will be requested again, and then it should be correct. IT also works. If there are still deviations, the gaps are interpolated, done.

And this is exactly where the rabbit is in the pepper: This leads to inaccuracies in the signal flow. There are also unloved things such as signal noise, electromagnetic interference and a lot more. And this is exactly where the NuPrime Omnia SW-8 comes in.

But when I hung the two devices on the NuPrime SW-8 switch, I was really amazed. The voice of my favorite sizzler Katie Melua does not become velvety, which is simply due to the recording. But it’s no longer so aggressive and sharp in my ears. And I hear more fine ramifications and more breaths in her voice. The strings also play more silky and better resolved. Overall, the music seems to me to be calmer, you can describe it as “analog” if you like.

The NuPrime Omnia SW-8 brings the existing digital components a step forward. And is therefore a worthwhile investment for the streaming enthusiast…”

Test filter power strip NuPrime AC-4: more lightness in sound

– Holger Biermann, lowbeats.de

“…Probably the one who has hardly any network pollution at home and so does not need a network filter. But such an ideal situation is rare: I recommend everyone else to try the NuPrime AC-4 at least once. The thing weighs just 3.2 kilos; that will be shipped quickly or the dealer around the corner will be happy to borrow the smart filter for a while. I’m afraid you’re like me: in the end he’ll stay…”