NuPrime Audio Evolution Two Mono Power Amplifier

– Roger Kanno,
I loved having the NuPrime Evolution Two amplifiers in my system. They reminded me a lot of my reference Anthem M1s ($3999 each). Rated at 1000W into 8 ohms, the Anthems have a lot more power than the NuPrimes, but I never felt that the NuPrimes were lacking in that regard even when driving the hybrid electrostatic ML ESL 9s.

Both amplifiers had a similarly neutral sound with just an added touch of richness to make them wonderfully engaging no matter what I played. In both the Anthems and the NuPrimes, this was achieved without sacrificing the precision and detail required to extract the nuanced information present in high-quality recordings.

Playing “Full of Life,” by Christine and the Queens, I noticed that both amps presented a similarly large soundstage populated distinctly by the orchestral parts, backing vocals, and lead vocals. But there were some differences. With the NuPrimes, the higher-pitched notes of the violin and viola sounded more distinct than the lower-pitched notes of the cello and bass. The strings were all more clearly delineated than the backing vocals. Letissier’s lead vocals were imaged slightly more forward with the Anthems, resulting in a greater presence and a more immediate sound, but the NuPrimes did a better job of maintaining the sustain of Letissier’s haunting voice. The most noticeable difference between the two amps was in how they reproduced deep bass. The NuPrimes sounded extremely solid and satisfying, but the Anthems could go a little lower, and with more power, although they too were not always as taut as I would have liked when played at very high volumes.