by Dick Olsher, The Absolute Sound

….. “My previous close encounter with a NuPrime power amp, the Evolution STA, was quite memorable in that it made me realize that the performance gap between Class A and Class D amplification had shrunk considerably. In fact, I had no doubt that in specific system contexts, I would have preferred the NuPrime to much more expensive conventional amplifiers. ….. Think of the AMG One as the Evolution Two’s little brother, offering about half the power delivery in a similar circuit topology, incorporating NuPrime’s proprietary “Only Distortion Cancellation” (ODC) feedback circuit. 
As it so happened, the AMG One replaced a pair of very good sounding Tube Fantasy 300B SET monoblocks. I was most curious to discover just how well the NuPrime would communicate the music’s inner tension, something that the 300B SET excelled in….. When it came to dynamic shadings and microdynamic inflections, I was surprised by how well the NuPrime held its own.
After all the tweaking was complete, I became fully aware of a highly transparent, wide, and deep soundstage, featuring well-defined image outlines. On a well-recorded choral track such as “Shenandoah” by Cantus, I was startled by the 3D presentation of individual voices. It became clear that the AMG One could deliver a spatial impression that most solid-state amps can only dream of. Bass extension and impact were superb. Upright bass pitch definition was spot on, while tympani strikes took off with satisfying punch. Even in a fairly large room, power reserve was adequate for the DeVille. Transient speed and control were also noteworthy, which accounted for vinyl surface noise being non-intrusive.
Over the years I’ve been accused of being quite fussy about solid-state power amps, routinely finding fault either due to a lack of textural purity or expressiveness. In particular, solid-state sterility had driven me to seek musical solace in tube gear. That is definitely not the case with the AMG One. It is an enjoyable amp, checking all the boxes on critical sonic metrics. The AMG One is currently not only my favorite Class D amp but also one of my favorite solid-state amps. Retailing at $2900 per pair, I find it to be competitive at even a $10k price point. Plenty of power and Class A-like finesse in an affordable package make for a no-brainer recommendation.

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