Review of ST-10 in AudioCircle


– ZAPHOD2012,

“…I have Audience 2+2 in a stereo system in the bedroom, they have been powered by Cary Audio and Parasound multi channels. Due to the weight and only stereo need i sold the Cary and Parasound for the Nuprime ST-10. I was cautious as i have hated my previous experiments with class d amps such as rotel, pioneer and wyred4sound, all cold and lifeless, boring and flat. The ST-10 was a revelation, sweet, very detailed, tight, extended and bouncy, it had life and was a joyful match with the 2+2’s, I cannot remember a more enjoyable sound in 30 years, especially for the money, and the mids are incredible…

…In my main system i needed to replace my hernia weighted Cary 7 channel, so with my positive experience with the ST-10 I plumped for the MCH-K38 at half the weight of the Cary and hoping it would come close to the exceptional ST-10. The MCH-K38 will be used in a 5.1 system driving Audience 4+4’s when they arrive from the factory. In 5.1 mode the first 4 channels will be bridged and that is how i compared it to the ST-10, not only did it equal the ST-10 but in bridged mode bettered it. Same family signature but just with a more effortless control, more open, less restrained and detailed, I am extremely surprised and very happy, what a combination made in heaven, the Audience and the Nuprime ….rock on ….”

NuPrime Evolution One Review in AudioCircle

– gammajo,

“…First noticed was the freedom from an ever so slight, unnoticeable-till-its-gone digital haze. Wow! Minor and subtle, yet highly important. Next was that the soundstage was much improved in terms of depth, separation of instruments, and air and bloom. Then I was entranced at how much more natural and beautiful high bells sounded – more rounded with more realist timbre, attack, and decay. All voices, especially female vocalists were more natural and captivating. Yet when music was supposed to be edgy it was, they could rock out with the best. When the music is relaxed and sweet, these amps allow you to be emotionally moved by liquidity and languidness ( I think because they sound less digital). This involvement could still be enjoyed at lower volumes than with other amps. They are excellent at naturally presenting the slightest micro-detail with no excessive spotlighting. Solo and massed strings were more realistically presented both in the string sound itself and the body of the instrument.
Where I found the Evos clearly better than any other amp that I have heard in any typology is with highly complex classical music such as symphonies but also complex rock and new age. Everything is more naturally delineated and more realistic sounding even when 100 diverse instruments are playing at once. In fact, I have been listening to much more symphonic music with these amps, where before there was something unsatisfying about the reproduction of such massive and detailed soundscapes. Solo instruments in these works stand out more clearly in character from the mélange of sound around them and dynamic swings are surprisingly instantaneous….
…I like the sound of Pass Labs, Constellation, and VAC amps, yet not even considering the price, size, and heat difference, feel like I like the Evos better. They hit the sweet spot between fluidity and control. There is ample mico-detail for this detail freak and yet they present the music as a whole cloth to be enjoyed as a living presence.”

Nuprime CDT-8 CD Transport

– Sweetmeat,

“…I am always on the lookout for a premium-sounding, reasonably-priced CD transport with a small form factor that I can use at work. It’s not perfect, but I think I found my holy grail with the Nuprime CDT-8.
…OK the Nuprime is still basically from a “boutique” manufacturer so don’t expect a slick operating interface. The important part is that it sounds glorious, full and balanced, smoother than even the Woo Audio which has some peaks in the top end. In addition to the Nuprime, my work stereo includes Burson Conducter SL with Sabre DAC and Audeze LCD-XCs. This is definitely the best my work system has sounded, I am so pleased….”

NuPrime CDT-10 in “10” Series System

-By Stephan from Germany

“…The CDT-10 impresses with its sophisticated technology.
With its design, it adapts seamlessly to the 10 series.
He reproduces the music the way I love it, honest, not bloated, not soft and beautifully colored.
My preferences are small ensembles, percussions, singing and noises. Jazz and world music.
In combination with the components used, the result is a stage that makes the musicians visible in their actions.

The workmanship of the CDT-10 is high quality.

For the price, the CDT-10 offers a previously unknown pleasure to me.”

NuPrime DAC-10, ST-10 and Totem Rainmaker speakers

– By RafaPolit,

For the first time I understand what “sound stage” means. Sound comes from everywhere, not just from the speakers. Each voice and instrument has its own position, really an eye opener for me!
It is a powerful combo, so much so that if you a not careful, you can blow out your speakers.

The clarity of the sound is remarkable if the source has that quality…”

ST-10M with Legacy Helix

– By Brad from Canada

“…They sounded pretty impressive right out of the box, but have improved greatly over the last 3 weeks. It would be a huge understatement to say that I’m very impressed with their performance. The following are my observations on sound quality in no particular order: Large holographic soundstage, 3D imaging, completely black background, very neutral and highly resolving, tight defined bass, superb mid-range (vocals are awesome), rich tone, smooth and dynamic. Excellent performance from top to bottom, very musical and engaging (toe tapping goodness!) I’ve been in this hobby for approx. 30 years, and at no time have I come across the price / performance value that NuPrime offers, it really is unbelievable. These amps are the real deal, and I will be keeping them…”

My HiFi hobby and choosing IDA-8 over other integrated amps

– By Amal,

“…The IDA-8 became my target only on reviews because of its completeness and its sounds which is a bit warm with the class A preamp and to be frank, the price was really interesting.
…The output sound is great, the design of the amp and super nice and you can put it everywhere with its size!…”