– Guy

I’ve got some new Magnepan speakers the LRS model which just came out. Before I bought them the salesman from Magnepan cautioned me that they require lots of power and asked me about my equipment. I told him I had a Devialet 120 and a Schiit Vidar. He said the Vidar would be best as it doubles its output at 4 Ohms. I got the speakers and connected the Devialet. Very nice. Then the Vidar using Meridian Explorer2 and Schiit Frey’s preamp using the tube gain. 

Again very nice. As I’m going to have my 120 upgraded I packed it up. My listening space is quite cramped so I wondered how the IDA 8 would sound. I wasn’t very optimistic until I actually hooked it up. Wow! It was fine. Sounded as good as the Freya- Vidar. I wanted you to know how terrific this little gem is although you probably know that already. I wouldn’t say it’s as sophisticated as the Devialet but it’s 20% of the price. Just wanted to thank you for the great products.