-By Stephan from Germany.

NuPrime ST-10
NuPrime DAC-10

I heard a NuPrime device for the first time at my friend’s place, Karl Peter Feistel, the owner of the Klangkonzeption in Germany. It was the IDA-8.
From that moment on, the fever grabbed me.

Such an excellent performance in terms of musicality for the money has to be found first.
In May 2017, I prescribed for me the only effective medicine for this fever.
A DAC-10 / St-10 combination from NuPrime.

And this was followed by the CDT-8 as an alternative to my European-made CD drive.

NuPrime CDT-8 Pro
NuPrime CDT-8 Pro

Also My power transformer made room for the AC-4.
And each time the already fantastic playback quality increased by a few points.

The CDT-10 was announced in the forum, and it was clear to me, I want it.
In the meantime it has been confirmed for me that the announcements from NuPrime are not an empty promise.
I listened to the CDT-10 at  Wulf Mentz owner of Audience in Soest / Germany. And it was clear that I wanted to repeat the hearing test at home.
It took a while until the CDT-10 replaced my beloved CDT-8 in March 2021.

NuPrime CDT-10
NuPrime CDT-10

What can I say?
So far I haven’t had the opportunity to hear the really big CD drives, for which you really have to dig deep into your pocket. That was also no longer necessary.

The CDT-10 impresses with its sophisticated technology.
With its design, it adapts seamlessly to the 10 series.
He reproduces the music the way I love it, honest, not bloated, not soft and beautifully colored.
My preferences are small ensembles, percussions, singing and noises. Jazz and world music.
In combination with the components used, the result is a stage that makes the musicians visible in their actions.

The CDT-8 already shows these characteristics.
However, the CDT-10 goes a step further in all respects.
The individual elements of the music are even more separated from each other.
And you can hear that from the very first bars of the music. Coupled with the calm that this drive breathes into the music, it creates a tension that can be addicting.

The workmanship of the CDT-10 is high quality.
The remote control now allows direct selection of individual tracks.
For the price, the CDT-10 offers a previously unknown pleasure to me.

The CDT-10 is worth every recommendation.