Best of 2016 and Product of the Year – Part-Time Audiophile

– John Grandberg,

“How does 120W x 2 worth of hybrid Class A + Class D amplification for $649 sound? How about running a pair of them in mono mode for a total of 290W per channel? You’d think there must surely be some compromise involved yet try as I might I just can’t find it.These little fellows offer richly textured sound with an excellent soundstage and deep low-end extension, all in a tiny package. The amps build on the classic NuForce Reference models of yesteryear, but take on a subtly relaxed flavor where those older models could be a bit high strung. This is a hugely crowd-pleasing product worthy of serious attention despite its affordable nature”

STA-9 Amplifier: Qobuzissime for this concentrate of energy and musicality!

– Philippe Daussin,

“Combination of energy and musicality
…NuPrime’s achievements have earned an excellent reputation, including its digital amplifiers, including the STA-9 model on power stages using a brand design and preceded by class A gain stages. Listeners get excellent sound results, which should reconcile the advocates of opposing opinions on the amplification classes!…”

Review: NuPrime STA-9 | power amplifier

– Jörg Dames,

– exceptionally clean, clear sound, not least promotes a very pleasant, seemingly organic timbres representation.
– tonal neutrality, the sound image becomes but absolutely consistent and coherent.
– an impeccable resolution, delivered pleasant long-term compatible sound.
– well-balanced voice or midrange.
– excellent space: precise focus
– we recommended listeners to experience with both the stereo and mono versions“

NuPrime STA-9 | Worked well with digital amplification

– By SFDude,

“…Great, it looks nice and all. How does it all sound? Effortless. Nothing is really forced in the music. It sounds coherent, powerful but with a restraint that comes with the volume turned down. I have fleeting moments at home when I can crank the music and, when playing good source material, it is really dynamic and engaging. This isn’t the case with the bulk of my source material but for those rare special tracks which are recorded really well, my system lets it loose. For this amount of $$, the two STA-9 amps has enough ‘cojones’ to cajole your passiveness into toe-tapping movement. On really good source material….”