Product Pricing

We don’t price our products based on how good they sound, how much weight they have, or how they compare to the competition. We are an engineering company, and we price our products based on the materials, labor, and other expenses that go into them. Innovation and performance advances have reduced the cost of manufacturing. The designs for expensive preamps are now found in mid-priced amps and DACs, costing an order of magnitude less. Similarly, our amplifiers employ a naturally occurring self-oscillating design principle to generate the PWM pulses for Class D sampling rather than incorporating a relatively expensive PWM generator.

Vertically Integrated

Typically a high-end brand works with an OEM factory, including supplier factories, to achieve its target products. It isn’t often that a brand owns its factory. Atypically, NuPrime is vertically integrated: we don’t subcontract for amplifiers and power supplies. Our in-house engineering team makes it unnecessary to spend elsewhere for what we do so well. Our stocked parts range from raw materials and ICs to semi-assembled boards. Any components we require are conceived and achieved in-house. Admittedly, we can’t do it all. On occasion, we partner to develop a product another company does better. In short, NuPrime customers benefit from our R&D, efficiency, and fruitful associations.