Test filter power strip NuPrime AC-4: more lightness in sound

– Holger Biermann, lowbeats.de

“…Probably the one who has hardly any network pollution at home and so does not need a network filter. But such an ideal situation is rare: I recommend everyone else to try the NuPrime AC-4 at least once. The thing weighs just 3.2 kilos; that will be shipped quickly or the dealer around the corner will be happy to borrow the smart filter for a while. I’m afraid you’re like me: in the end he’ll stay…”

Test: NuPrime AC-4 Power Conditioner Mains Filter – Relax

Pure AC-4

– FALK VISARIUS, hifi-ifas.de

“…Dealing with electricity is certainly not the very first thing the hi-fi fan has to do. In the beginning, it certainly does a neatly constructed power strip. If the value of the system reaches a region that puts the purchase value of 849 euros into perspective and detail optimization is required anyway, the Nu-Prime AC-4 is a worthwhile investment. The music gains authenticity. With concentrated listening, the music lover is rewarded with more details, fine dynamics, space, naturalness and simply liveliness. A worthwhile attempt even for skeptics.”