Test: NuPrime Omnia SW-8 – audiophile hi-fi network switch

– BERND WEBER, hifi-ifas.de

“…Digital zeros and ones are very precise numbers, without any cuts or roundings. They are rocked through the area and it is good with it. At the same time, checksums are transmitted to determine errors in the data transmission. If something does not match, the data will be requested again, and then it should be correct. IT also works. If there are still deviations, the gaps are interpolated, done.

And this is exactly where the rabbit is in the pepper: This leads to inaccuracies in the signal flow. There are also unloved things such as signal noise, electromagnetic interference and a lot more. And this is exactly where the NuPrime Omnia SW-8 comes in.

But when I hung the two devices on the NuPrime SW-8 switch, I was really amazed. The voice of my favorite sizzler Katie Melua does not become velvety, which is simply due to the recording. But it’s no longer so aggressive and sharp in my ears. And I hear more fine ramifications and more breaths in her voice. The strings also play more silky and better resolved. Overall, the music seems to me to be calmer, you can describe it as “analog” if you like.

The NuPrime Omnia SW-8 brings the existing digital components a step forward. And is therefore a worthwhile investment for the streaming enthusiast…”