What is the performance difference between DAC-10 and HD-AVP?

HD-AVP includes the same high performance USB DAC implementation as DAC-10, but DAC-10 consist of a better preamp design using switch resistor technique. DAC-10 also includes other digital inputs that go through the same DAC. In the HD-AVP, only the USB input goes through the stereo DAC for pure 2-channel audio and the other digital inputs are decoded […]

What are the video resolutions supported by HD-AVP?

Playback from hard disk or DLNA (LAN) can only support up to 1080P resolution. Playback from HDMI support HDMI 1.4 4K but not HDMI 2.0 4K. The HDMI 1.4 specification supports 4K formats: 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels high @ 24Hz | 25Hz | 30Hz 4096 pixels wide by 2160 pixels high @ 24Hz

IR codes for HD-AVP

#define REMCODE_OFF 0x02 #define REMCODE_ON 0x20 #define REMCODE_DIRECT 0x0e #define REMCODE_STEREO 0x13 #define REMCODE_MODEDN 0x11 #define REMCODE_MODEUP 0x19 #define REMCODE_INPUT1 0x1f #define REMCODE_INPUT2 0x03 #define REMCODE_INPUT3 0x04 #define REMCODE_INPUT4 0x05 #define REMCODE_INPUT5 0x1c #define REMCODE_INPUT6 0x06 #define REMCODE_INPUT7 0x07 #define REMCODE_INPUT8 0x08 #define REMCODE_Bluetooth 0x09 #define REMCODE_AMFM 0x0a #define REMCODE_HD5 0xFE #define REMCODE_HD6 0xFD #define […]

What are “bass management”, “single/double post positioning device”, and “comprehensive cross-over design” features ?

These are all marketing descriptions.nnBass management is the LFE in the audio setting (OSD setting > Setup > Speaker Setup > LFE Level)nn”Increasing the performance of single/double post positioning devices” and “comprehensive cross-over design” means there are variety of settings you could configure the unit to suit your system, such as speaker range/position, speaker size, […]