Why Choose Nuprime Audio?

Traditionally, high-end audio components have been crafted by skilled professionals who meticulously design circuits and select premium parts, resulting in luxurious products with hefty price tags.

Nuprime revolutionizes this approach as the global leader in Class-D amplifier design, outperforming off-the-shelf solutions from other high-end brands and rivaling the world’s most advanced solid-state amps. Our innovative Hybrid Class-D technology allows us to tailor the sound of our amplifiers for different sonic signatures. With a vertically integrated manufacturing process, we ensure that every product, from concept to mass production, meets the highest standards. Our mission is to make high-end audio components accessible to all, without compromising on quality or performance, and at affordable prices.

New Products


The NuPrime AMG ONE is a scaled-down version of NuPrime Evolution Two and offers a breakthrough in distortion reduction. 

“I find it to be competitive at even a $10k price point. Plenty of power and Class A-like finesse in an affordable package make for a no-brainer recommendation.” – The Absolute Sound

Nuprime Evolution Two

The Evolution Two is a mono amplifier (RMS Power 300W@8 Ohm, 600W@4 Ohm) that offers a breakthrough in distortion reduction and it is the most powerful, dynamic, natural and detailed amplifier in all Nuprime series.

NuPrime MCX-800MZ

The NuPrime MCX-800MZ is a multizone eight-channel amplifier that has four stereo modules, each with its own Adaptive Voltage Switching Power Supply technology and integrated amplifier incorporating highspeed gate driver error correction.


How To Choose

When purchasing an audio system, it is essential that you select one based on your individual preferences. For instance, a higher-priced model does not necessarily mean providing a better listening experience. All high-end audio products are not created equal, so be sure to choose the best one for your needs. The performance gap between different grades of high-end audio is narrowing annually due to new advancements in audio technology. 

Discerning audiophiles who prefer the flexibility of separate components will appreciate the extensive range offered by Nuprime’s Evolution, AMG, and 9 Series. Furthermore, Nuprime’s integrated amplifiers and streaming companions provide a convenient and high-quality solution for those seeking a streamlined audio setup.

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Evolution Series

You’ll feel and hear more of everything: Ultra Detailed, Ultra Wide

Evolution Series

Each product in the Evolution series promises to elevate your audio experience. The Evolution system transports the listener to the heart of the performance. The relaxed rendition allows the listener to enjoy what’s being played for hours on end. Regardless of partnering equipment, you’ll just feel and hear more with the Evolution system.

AMG Series

Ultimate High-End Components: Finesse, Detailed, Smooth and Sweet

AMG Series

The AMG series, like the AMG STA-SE and AMG PRA, enhances audio detail reproduction and offers rich tonal qualities for instruments and vocals. Designed for enthusiasts seeking optimization, the AMG series delivers natural, detailed sound with an expansive stage.

9 Series

Small Size, Big Performance: Warmth, Powerful and Natural Sounding

9 Series

The 9 Series, our most accessible range, has developed a cult following among Nuprime fans who affectionately refer to it as the ‘giant killer’ due to its remarkable ability to exceed expectations and deliver outstanding performance. A review affirmed the 9 Series’ reputation with this quote: “I know they make good stuff, but this is really good. To have this in this price range, it is impressive.”

Affiliated Brands

A brand born from the successful collaboration between renowned audio expert Demian Martin and NuPrime. DM will be operated as an independent company and management team.