Historically, skilled audio professionals have created high-end audio components by carefully crafting circuits and taking great care in parts selection, resulting in expensive and often opulent products.

Thanks to innovations in digital design, NuPrime Audio is producing affordable audio that sounds as good as the best. Budget-minded music lover can now acquire an impeccable audio system that costs not much more than mass-market goods.

New Products


The NuPrime AMG ONE is a scaled-down version of NuPrime Evolution Two and offers a breakthrough in distortion reduction. 

“I find it to be competitive at even a $10k price point. Plenty of power and Class A-like finesse in an affordable package make for a no-brainer recommendation.” – The Absolute Sound

Nuprime Evolution Two

The Evolution Two is a mono amplifier (RMS Power 300W@8 Ohm, 600W@4 Ohm) that offers a breakthrough in distortion reduction and it is the most powerful, dynamic, natural and detailed amplifier in all Nuprime series.

NuPrime MCX-800MZ

The NuPrime MCX-800MZ is a multizone eight-channel amplifier that has four stereo modules, each with its own Adaptive Voltage Switching Power Supply technology and integrated amplifier incorporating highspeed gate driver error correction.

How To Choose

When purchasing an audio system, it is essential that you select one based on your individual preferences. For instance, a higher-priced model does not necessarily mean providing a better listening experience. All high-end audio products are not created equal, so be sure to choose the best one for your needs. The performance gap between different grades of high-end audio is narrowing annually due to new advancements in audio technology.

NuPrime “8 & 9” Series are made for audiophiles who are looking for a near-reference-class audio component. Audiophiles looking for a high-end experience typically go with either the “Evolution” or “AMG” Series, but it all depends on what they’re looking for. For more information, please refer to the “HOW TO BUY” section of the website. You may also ask our AI Assistant below.

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