TIDAL Connect

NuPrime’s family of streaming products complete your TIDAL high fidelity music experience. Add speakers to the Omnia A300SE Streaming Integrated Amp or pair the Stream-9 transport with a high-end DAC. NuPrime also offers the NuPrime Omnia Stream Mini, Stream Mini DAC, and other products to satisfy all your streaming needs. User Guide

How to debug USB audio problem ?

If your Windows USB audio is not working, go through the following diagnostic: Download and run Windows USB Troubleshooter Following these manual troubleshooting steps. To rule out any hardware failure, you should also verify that the NuPrime product is working with another computer.

Speaker Sensitivity

What is speaker’s Sensitivity ? It is defined as the loudness in dB measured at 1 meter from the speaker when one watt is being applied to the speaker. Let’s say the spec reads 90 dB.  A scale would look something like this: 90 dB = 1 watt 93 dB = 2 watts 96 dB = 4 watts 99 dB = 16 watts […]