How to debug USB audio problem ?

If your Windows USB audio is not working, go through the following diagnostic: Download and run Windows USB Troubleshooter Following these manual troubleshooting steps. To rule out any hardware failure, you should also verify that the NuPrime product is working with another computer.

How does NuPrime determine the “Displayed Sampling Rate”?

There are two ways to determine the sampling rate: Use meta data from the source music. If the meta data is wrong or the source does not contain any sampling rate data, then NuPrime device will not display the correct sampling rate.  Even if the display does not show the correct sampling rate, the decoding will not […]

How to play DSD on NuPrime device ?

We recommend JRiver Media Center for its ease of use and setup. Please refer to this setup guide: For Foobar please refer to this general purpose USB audio playback guide: foobar2000_dsd

My Windows PC is not showing the NuPrime DAC

1. Check the Sound setting in the Control Panel. Verify that the NuPrime DAC is selected. If it is not showing, the device driver was not installed correctly. 2. Go to Device Manager to check the USB audio device driver is installed and without any conflict. Remove conflicting USB audio devices. There are several places to check: a) […]