Reference Class DAC With Balanced 4.4mm & 6.3mm Headphone Outputs Designed For Headphone Enthusiasts
Following the success of the NuPrime DAC and headphone amp, we have decided to release a limited edition of 50 units in ice blue, featuring performance enhancements including magnetic treatment.***

With its IIS/DSD and XLR outputs and decoding capability of PCM 384K & DSD256, the NuPrime VIH is a reference-class DAC designed for studio professionals. With four digital and one analog stereo inputs, the VIH is a full-featured DAC and preamp ideally suited for high-end systems. The balanced 4.4mm ‘Pentaconn’ socket and 6.3mm standard stereo headphone outputs support Single Ended Unbalanced, Fully Balanced and Active Balanced Ground Driving headphone amplifier.