Company background

In 2014, NuForce’s cofounder, Jason Lim, teamed up with the OEM factory to buy NuForce’s high-end product assets and start NuPrime Audio. NuPrime is a company committed to design, engineering, and excellence. It’s made up of talented engineers who are passionate about what they do. In 2015, NuPrime received four prestigious Product Of The Year awards and was recognized in two high-end audio magazines. Over the years, NuPrime has been honored by more and more audiophile magazines and thus has established themselves as a top player in the industry.

NuPrime is advancing audio technology in many ways. Whether it be high-end decoders, streaming media all-in-ones, or even preamps and power amplifiers, we are pushing the boundaries of audio. But that’s not all-we also work on clean power supplies and developing new product categories. NuPrime’s vertically integrated manufacturing process ensures that products from conception to mass production are top-notch. We pride ourselves on making high-end, expensive audio components at affordable prices.

Reaching new heights

NuPrime Evolution One is the first Class-D amp with an input impedance of 1M Ohms and a switching frequency of 700 kHz. With better sonic performance than almost any other Class-D amps on the market, it is on par with most of the world’s state-of-the-art solid-state amps. Besides having better performance than competing off-the-shelf solutions, NuPrime can tailor the sound of our amplifiers with our Hybrid Class-D technology.

NuPrime believes that High-End does not equate to high prices. The design team makes great efforts to optimize the circuitry and components for every product to meet the price targets. One thing that is never compromised is attaining the NuPrime sound. All NuPrime products deliver a vast soundstage, lightning-fast dynamics, ultra-low distortion, and noise, with the music emerging from a pristine background.


NuPrime-X is a brand created by NuPrime to focus on the custom installation, home theater and gaming market.


Why Choose NuPrime?

Product Advantages

    • Classic and elegant design
    • In-house Hybrid Class-D Amplifier with Class-A transistors crafted sound characteristics.
    • Low noise in-house power supplies
    • Audiophile-grade components and materials

The NuPrime Sound

    • Vast soundstage
    • Wide, lightning-fast dynamics
    • Ultra-low distortion and noise
    • Music emerges from a pristine background, with delicate details and nuances intact

Product Pricing

We don’t price our products based on how good they sound, how much weight they have, or how they compare to the competition. We are an engineering company, and we price our products based on the materials, labor, and other expenses that go into them. Innovation and performance advances have reduced the cost of manufacturing. The designs for expensive preamps are now found in mid-priced amps and DACs, costing an order of magnitude less. Similarly, our amplifiers employ a naturally occurring self-oscillating design principle to generate the PWM pulses for Class D sampling rather than incorporating a relatively expensive PWM generator.

Vertically Integrated

Typically a high-end brand works with an OEM factory, including supplier factories, to achieve its target products. It isn’t often that a brand owns its factory. Atypically, NuPrime is vertically integrated: we don’t subcontract for amplifiers and power supplies. Our in-house engineering team makes it unnecessary to spend elsewhere for what we do so well. Our stocked parts range from raw materials and ICs to semi-assembled boards. Any components we require are conceived and achieved in-house. Admittedly, we can’t do it all. On occasion, we partner to develop a product another company does better. In short, NuPrime customers benefit from our R&D, efficiency, and fruitful associations.

We are committed to transparency in our product sourcing. NuPrime makes electronics with parts sourced globally, with roughly 30% of our parts come from US companies. 60% of our gross profits go to worldwide distributors, dealers, support staff, and salespeople. 10% of our gross profits go to Taiwanese factory workers and expenses. The remaining 30% go to engineering, marketing and management staff.