ST-10M with Legacy Helix

 – By Brad from Canada

I have a pair of Legacy Helix speakers that require 3 amplifiers per side to drive each of the following sections – Mid-Bass, Mid-Range and Treble. For the past 3 years I have been using Class D amplifiers manufactured by a well known company in audiophile circles. I enjoyed the sound of these amps, but they have proven themselves to be unreliable, way too many trips back to the manufacturer for repair, so I decided enough was enough and the hunt was on for new amps. Because I was satisfied with the sound of the amps I have been using, I started my search looking for the best of Class D amplifiers.

NuPrime was one product that came up through my search, and after more research on all of their products as a whole, I decided that the ST-10M would be worth taking a look at. There are some glowing reviews on the web about their ST-10 and Evolution One amps, which was nice to see, but a lot of times these reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt (too much creative writing). During my research on NuPrime, the one factor that kept coming up was performance value, no need to spend big bucks for great performance. The MSRP on the amps I have been using are almost 4X what the ST-10M’s are, so I was a little skeptical on what I was to expect performance wise. Not that I believe spending more money on anything means it’s going to be better, but for such a spread in price, how could it possibly be that good?? I contacted Aamir with Summit HiFi to discuss the ST-10M’s and his 45 day in home trial period. Aamir was very helpful with any questions I had, and assured me if I wasn’t satisfied with the product, I would receive a full refund during the trial period – so it became a no brainer, lets try them out! A week later the amps arrived, they have been burning in for three weeks now.

They sounded pretty impressive right out of the box, but have improved greatly over the last 3 weeks. It would be a huge understatement to say that I’m very impressed with their performance. The following are my observations on sound quality in no particular order: Large holographic soundstage, 3D imaging, completely black background, very neutral and highly resolving, tight defined bass, superb mid-range (vocals are awesome), rich tone, smooth and dynamic. Excellent performance from top to bottom, very musical and engaging (toe tapping goodness!) I’ve been in this hobby for approx. 30 years, and at no time have I come across the price / performance value that NuPrime offers, it really is unbelievable. These amps are the real deal, and I will be keeping them. Having said that, I am now interested to hear what the Evolution Ones would sound like???

IDA-8 with Magnepan

I’ve got some new Magnepan speakers the LRS model which just came out. Before I bought them the salesman from Magnepan cautioned me that they require lots of power and asked me about my equipment. I told him I had a Devialet 120 and a Schiit Vidar. He said the Vidar would be best as it doubles its output at 4 Ohms. I got the speakers and connected the Devialet. Very nice. Then the Vidar using Meridian Explorer2 and Schiit Frey’s preamp using the tube gain. 
Again very nice. As I’m going to have my 120 upgraded I packed it up. My listening space is quite cramped so I wondered how the IDA 8 would sound. I wasn’t very optimistic until I actually hooked it up. Wow! It was fine. Sounded as good as the Freya- Vidar. I wanted you to know how terrific this little gem is although you probably know that already. I wouldn’t say it’s as sophisticated as the Devialet but it’s 20% of the price. Just wanted to thank you for the great products. 

My HiFi hobby and choosing IDA-8 over other integrated amps

– By Amal,

I have always loved music and it is part of my life since I am a teenager even if I am not a person that knows by heart all the artists and their albums. I like the good sound and I listen to all type of music from philharmonic to rock, acoustic, hip hop or electro. I have been to several auditorium in France where people play to you only classical music when you want to buy a hi-fi system. This does not suit me. I have grown with other types of music and I would like to have a system suitable for a large variety of musics.

I have started when I was young with my uncle’s hifi system, an Akai AA-5210 amplifier and French 3A Apogée speakers with huge 25cm speakers. It was nice until I broke a loudspeaker during a party and the amplifier volume control was starting to be damaged. I then switched to Focal Chorus 714S and a HC Yamaha amplifier. I have never really been satisfied with the sound stage but I kept it for a long time until now. I knew the amplifier was the weak part.

I have tried to search an integrated amplifier with a good compatibility with my speakers as I did not have the budget to change everything at once and it has been really difficult… I had mainly targeted 2 amplifiers which where the NAD C368 and the NAIM Unity Atom. The NAD was giving a too harsh sound with Pop Rock music and it was tiring even after a couple of minutes. The NAIM was a better match but the price is more than double of the NAD. Then I decided to read again and I discovered Nuforce, I read the story of the company and discovered the Nuprime brand from Jason. The IDA-8 became my target only on reviews because of its completeness and its sounds which is a bit warm with the class A preamp and to be frank, the price was really interesting. I was searching an amp with all the digital inputs as I do not listen CD anymore and the IDA-8 had everything build in. For the NAD I would need to add also the Bluesound module and on the NAD, with the WR-100D, I would have the same in the future.

Now I really start in the high fidelity with the IDA-8, I can watch my TV and movies using the optical cable, my computer and NAS using the USB A, the USB B for the Bluetooth with the good BTR8 and soon the WR-100D. The output sound is great, the design of the amp and super nice and you can put it everywhere with its size! The speakers became the weak part of my system. They sound a bit flat and lack the 3D scene that I could hear with the Sonus Faber Chameleon B of a friend so I am thinking to upgrade them and I feel the IDA-8 can drive really nice speakers of 3 or 4 times its price. I start to be addicted with this hobby and I think I will continue my journey with Nuprime products!

Why I chose NuPrime and STA-9 ?

– By CharlesKu,

I would like to share you my experience. I had order OPPO sonica DAC as my audio player. What I should do is to convert my CD to digital files and save it as a *.wav files in USB. Then I can play it via OPPO sonica DAC. My speaker is KEF LS50. I choose a pair of STA-9 as my power amp to ended up my system. This is because when I wish to purchase ST10 I found that there are no DEMO of ST10 amp but STA-9 amp.
It sound good and I decided to purchase a pair of it. I search the internet where I could buy it with my credit card with zero interest for 24 months. I found that there are many, like YAHOO mall, ET mall, u-mall, MOMO mall in Taiwan. Why I choose Nuprime product? This is because I had read the review from web site of u-audio., And then I found that there is a forum here.  I like the NuPrime of its good sound and has a forum here to discuss and share our experience. I am a newbie and younger audiophile, too. Before I end at my system with NuPrime, I had consider the DIY brand of Breeze audio C20 as player and DAC (a digital player come with ES9018K2M of DAC with a bluetooth 4.2), SMSL SA-98E (160w*2, Class D power amp) as power amp. These set of system is good sound for me when I listen it at other place. So, I decided to set a system (a combo of player with good DAC and power amp) which may come with better sound. I also consider the set of OPPO UDP 205 with Integra DTA 70.1 or NuPrime MCH-K38. I give up due to it may cost me a lot of money.

Choosing stereo speakers over sound bar

– By kaka89,

I’m very new to this hobby, and when I was first started I was actually trying to decide between sound bar and stereo speakers. I didn’t know the sound quality difference was so huge.

Soon I realize I need a two channel setup that allows me to stream music from Spotify. However I found it very difficult to find a good Hi-Fi system that supports Spotify natively. So I purchased a Teac integrated amp with AirPlay capability with KEF Q300.

I have been researching stereo knowledge since then. I have read almost all the thread in this forum. And one most important finding is that I actually don’t need Spotify and AirPlay support built in, these features can be provided by Raspberry Pi and Volumio. What I really need is a good USB DAC. This finding opened a whole lot more new options to me.

9 months later I upgraded my speaker to a floor stand Focal Aria 926, and I need a new amp to power these speakers. I choose NuPrime STA-9 and DAC-9.

This setup works as expected so far. I also use Toslink for TV.