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4 weeks ago

Marc Kouwenhoven

So where can i buy the NuPrime Hi-mDAC in the Netherlands? ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

NuPrime Audio

AMG is a new series with analog sound, quite different from other series. The amp and preamp have been released. DACs and headphone amps are coming in the next few months. ... See MoreSee Less

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Any reviews for those wonderfully looking units?

2 months ago

NuPrime Audio

What is high-end DAC ?

NuPrime has designed a $129 portable Hi-mDAC and a $179 uDSD DAC that are both capable of decoding 32-bit/384kHz and DSD256, therefore the DAC chip itself has advanced to the point of becoming a commodity and is no longer the biggest differentiating factor. Newer generation of DAC chips only provide diminishing return. Different brands of DAC chip have their own sonic characteristic but a skilled engineer could tuned the sound of a DAC with transistors in the preamp stage. Most companies designed their high-end DAC by following the reference circuit from DAC chip company (such as ESS Technology). NuPrime takes it a step further with innovations surrounding the commodity chip.

Power supply and preamp are now becoming the dominant factors in the DAC’s performance. In this post, we will discuss about the preamp and volume control. Entry level DAC such as the $129 Hi-mDAC can sound like a reference class DAC if it is used with a high-end in-ear earphones and a computer USB audio. But for a high-end DAC to work with a variety of analog and digital inputs, the power supply, volume control and preamp has to be exceptional.

To meet the highest performance requirement of the NuPrime Evolution Series, the power circuit of Evolution DAC has been redesigned from the ground up using C-Core transformers and AC filter.

In traditional pure-analog designs, a switch resistor network for volume control works best but is very expensive due to the use of many high precision discrete resistors. Next is a high-quality volume pot. You rotate the pot to change the resistance, which in turn attenuates the volume. A volume pot is non-linear and has balance issues at low volume. Some DACs do not have built-in volume controls and you therefore have no choice but to change volume at the analog output. We try to avoid that. Fortunately the top DAC chips have volume controls, which make sense since it’s best to adjust the volume in the digital domain for digital signals

Our DAC-9 ($799), DAC-9H ($945), DAC-9SE ($995), DAC-10/10H ($1495/$1795), Alita ($1295) have analog inputs without A-to-D conversion. We use a mixed analog and digital volume-control design. The digital volume control’s 0.5db steps are sent to the DAC for the best possible result. The DAC’s analog output and analog inputs from other sources then go through a switch-resistor network. The DAC’s output is switched straight through with minimum resistance. For analog inputs, the switch resistor network provides the best possible result. The digital volume control from the front panel manages switching the analog resistor network.
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2 months ago

Demetrios Louloudes

DAC 9 Question - I have the DAC 9 and when streaming hi-rez files from Tidal through the USB connection, the sample rate shown is 48. I have the hi-res setting set on my Tidal settings, so I wanted to find out if I need to change a setting on the DAC 9. ... See MoreSee Less

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You should confirm with Tidal about the sampling rate for their hi-res setting first. Hi-Res is a misused term, and 48-bit/44.1kHz can be considered Hi-Res too. There is no sampling rate setting to change on DAC-9.

2 months ago

NuPrime Audio

NuPrime Hybrid Class-D Amplifier Design With Different Sonic Characteristics

At NuPrime, we’ve made a huge leap forward in building world-class amps with different characteristics. Going from achieving one near-perfect design to another, but with different sonic characteristics is a daunting challenge. Very often, when one enhances one sonic aspect he loses another. If we’re aiming at a product that sounds like a tube amp, we don’t want to sacrifice dynamics and speed, and therein lies a stellar achievement.

Advancement of Class-D Design

In the early days of Class D’s analog implementation, engineers had not figured out how to improve switching frequencies in order to avoid various weaknesses in bass performance, HF extension, jitter and so on. We need to bear in mind that solid state and tube implementations also have their congenital weaknesses. The thing is, engineers have been working at refining these modalities for a very long time. That said, there are stubborn holdouts who believe that Class D is not sufficiently resolved and as a consequence sounds less than ideal. In point of fact, for as long as music has been recorded, ultimate resolution lies largely beyond reach. Ideal sound remains a goal, which we suggest, perhaps immodestly, we’ve homed in on to a remarkable degree.

At present, a handful of engineers specializing in Class-D designs can implement switching frequencies at more than 500kHz (CD is 44.1kHz). Without belaboring the reader with mind-numbing details, our engineers can now produce class-D amplification that, as we say, lies close to perfection. We’re not suggesting that most engineers know how to accomplish this. The market is crowded with poor implementations of Class-D technology.

Unlike ICEpower or Hypex, we are not in the business of making high-volume modules at low cost. We have spent a lot of time and effort in making amps with contrasting sonic signatures.

Class D With A Soul

How do we create Class D amps with Class A or tube amp sound characteristic? The answer lies in computer simulation of Cass A and tube devices and modeling them using Class A transistors.

Within the Class D topology, the preamp stage is generally implemented using Op Amp. Only a few high end products use discrete transistors design. Discrete transistors design is costly and challenging to accomplish, but they allow us to craft the sonic characteristic.

NuPrime provides unequalled, fully regulated output without ripple voltage or noise. Absent this electronic smog, music emerges from a pristine background, delicate details and nuances intact. Purity has a sound, and it’s beautiful.

In summary, NuPrime’s sonic character stands well apart from – and indeed above – the soft, cushy sound we often associate with most tubed amplification or the dry, edgy sound we often associate with solid-state and switching technology. Rarely does an amp achieve an ideal balance of richly textured timbres and harmonics, bottom-end authority, startling dynamics, exquisite low-level detail, and a fully revealed, fully dimensional soundstage against a backdrop of mile-deep silence.

STA-9 $745 USD
ST-10 Stereo amp, $1595 USD
AMG STA Stereo amp (bridgeable Mono), $1595 USD
Evolution One Mono amp $3995 USD
IDA-8 Integrated stereo $1095 USD
IDA-16 Integrated stereo $2250 USD
MCX 1,2,3, 4 channel amps $1395 to $1595 USD
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I love the sound of my sta9’s!

Still love my old NuForce P8 preamp

Carver did a great job in the 80s will sonic holger and digital time lens.

Nunca consideran ida-6 😞😞

well with nichicon muse you cant go wrong...


Shielded too

Great sound.

Not sure I want intentional computer simulated sound characteristics in my amp???

Is there a stereo that sounds terrible?

is this a troll post ? class D and quality ? ever tried.. class A ? you know, that thing with unparalell quality ?

IDA-16 ❤️

Heatsink is tiny. That thing is gonna fry like all the Amazon clones.

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2 months ago

NuPrime Audio

Dealers and customers systems around the world ... See MoreSee Less

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Zwei nuprime Händler, die sich gegenseitig ergänzen Karl–Peter Feistel Klangkonzeption in Kammerforst und Wulf Mentz Audience in Soest Beide Musiker, mit dem Gehör für die originalgetreue Wiedergabe von Instrumenten und Stimmen. Freunde und Geschäftspartner, die durch ihre Zusammenarbeit gemeinsam wachsen und neue Erkenntnisse erlangen. K.-P. Feistel konzentriert sich in seinem Wohnraum Studio auf die Möglichkeiten und Erfordernisse Raumgröße mit Equipment zu kombinieren. Wulf Mentz bietet das komplette Programm von nuprime und weitere interessante Markengeräte. Für Beide steht nuprime mit seinem breitgefächerten Angebot auf einer hohen Stufe gemeinsam mit weitaus teureren Geräten. (Das Foto zeigt den CDT-10 bei Audience in Soest)

2 months ago

NuPrime Audio
Video image

The best showroom video, so far. If you have come across any user or dealer showroom photo or video, please share.
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Comment on Facebook Nu för provlyssning...

3 months ago

NuPrime Audio

NuPrime Hi-mDAC ($129) keeps racking up awards. It is the portable DAC & Headphone Amp to beat. NuPrime engineers are skilled in designing and tuning DAC chip and has consistently demonstrated that the overall design determines the sound quality of a DAC.

From the classic DAC-10H (Product Of The Year 2015, $1795) to the top of the line Evolution DAC ($3250), mid-tier but still reference class DAC-9 series (DAC-9 $799, DAC-9H $945, DAC-9SE $995, Alita $1295), and now even a portable Hi-mDAC has been called near reference class, NuPrime has consistently brought to market best-in-class products.

NuPrime achievement in DAC and headphone amp goes in parallel with its wide range of world leading hybrid Class-D power amps that have won numerous Power Amp Of The Year and Editor Choice awards.

NuPrime customers chose our products not because of the technology or traditions (big and bulky versus compact, solid state or tube or Class-D), but for the sound quality and value.

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3 months ago

NuPrime Audio
A great review from Poland for NuPrime WR-1,nuprime-omnia-wr-1.htmlImage attachment

A great review from Poland for NuPrime WR-1,nuprime-omnia-wr-1.html
... See MoreSee Less

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