ST-10M with Magnepan 1.7i

-By Jan A. ( Having an opportunity to have three different amplifiers in my system, I thought sharing my impressions would assist or inform anyone considering NuPrime ST-10M/ Magnepan combination. System – Source – NuPrime DAC-10 – miniDSP – power amplifier – Magnepan 1.7i; 2x B&W ASW610 subs are connected line level from miniDSP crossed at 40 […]

NuPrime DAC-10, ST-10 and Totem Rainmaker speakers

– By RafaPolit, (Note: RafaPolit has been tuning his system. For a complete thread, refer to My first impressions couldn’t be better. I am really happy with the system. Right out of the box and once installed it’s clear that: They are very classy and nice looking They out-resolve the NuFoce IDA-100 by […]

ST-10M with Legacy Helix

They sounded pretty impressive right out of the box, but have improved greatly over the last 3 weeks. It would be a huge understatement to say that I’m very impressed with their performance. The following are my observations on sound quality in no particular order: Large holographic soundstage, 3D imaging, completely black background, very neutral and highly resolving, tight defined bass, superb mid-range (vocals are awesome), rich tone, smooth and dynamic. Excellent performance from top to bottom, very musical and engaging (toe tapping goodness!) I’ve been in this hobby for approx. 30 years, and at no time have I come across the price / performance value that NuPrime offers, it really is unbelievable. These amps are the real deal, and I will be keeping them.