Company background

ason Lim began his career as a senior engineer, designing microprocessors, relational databases, and internet technologies for prominent US tech companies such as Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and Netscape. He co-founded NuForce in 2005 and served as CEO until 2013. During his tenure, NuForce secured three US patents and emerged as a leading innovator in Class D amplifier design. In 2014, with the backing of investors, he established NuPrime Audio and acquired the assets of NuForce’s high-end division. Under Lim’s leadership, NuPrime assembled a team of highly skilled engineers. In 2015, NuPrime made high-end audio history by winning four Product of the Year awards from The Absolute Sound and SoundStage! Network. Since then, NuPrime has consistently received top accolades from audio publications around the world.


Traditionally, high-end audio components have been crafted by skilled professionals who meticulously design circuits and select premium parts, resulting in luxurious products with hefty price tags. NuPrime revolutionizes this approach as the global leader in Class-D amplifier design, outperforming off-the-shelf solutions from other high-end brands and rivaling the world’s most advanced solid-state amps. Our innovative Hybrid Class-D technology allows us to tailor the sound of our amplifiers for different sonic signatures. With a vertically integrated manufacturing process, we ensure that every product, from concept to mass production, meets the highest standards.


When purchasing an audio system, it is essential that you select one based on your individual preferences. For instance, a higher-priced model does not necessarily mean providing a better listening experience. All high-end audio products are not created equal, so be sure to choose the best one for your needs. The performance gap between different grades of high-end audio is narrowing annually due to new advancements in audio technology. Discerning audiophiles who prefer the flexibility of separate components will appreciate the extensive range offered by NuPrime’s Evolution, AMG, and 9 Series. Furthermore, NuPrime’s integrated amplifiers and streaming companions provide a convenient and high-quality solution for those seeking a streamlined audio setup.

NuPrime-X is a brand created by NuPrime to focus on the custom installation, home theater and gaming market.


Product Pricing

We don’t price our products based on how good they sound, how much weight they have, or how they compare to the competition. We are an engineering company, and we price our products based on the materials, labor, and other expenses that go into them. Innovation and performance advances have reduced the cost of manufacturing. The designs for expensive preamps are now found in mid-priced amps and DACs, costing an order of magnitude less. Similarly, our amplifiers employ a naturally occurring self-oscillating design principle to generate the PWM pulses for Class D sampling rather than incorporating a relatively expensive PWM generator.

Vertically Integrated

Typically a high-end brand works with an OEM factory, including supplier factories, to achieve its target products. It isn’t often that a brand owns its factory. Atypically, NuPrime is vertically integrated: we don’t subcontract for amplifiers and power supplies. Our in-house engineering team makes it unnecessary to spend elsewhere for what we do so well. Our stocked parts range from raw materials and ICs to semi-assembled boards. Any components we require are conceived and achieved in-house. Admittedly, we can’t do it all. On occasion, we partner to develop a product another company does better. In short, NuPrime customers benefit from our R&D, efficiency, and fruitful associations.

We are committed to transparency in our product sourcing. NuPrime makes electronics with parts sourced globally, with roughly 30% of our parts come from US companies. 60% of our gross profits go to worldwide distributors, dealers, support staff, and salespeople. 10% of our gross profits go to Taiwanese factory workers and expenses. The remaining 30% go to engineering, marketing and management staff.