What is high-end audio?

Robert Harley, Editor-In-Chief of The Absolute Sound, states that “High-End Audio is the quest to re-create in the listener’s home the musical message of the composer or performer with the maximum realism, emotion, and intensity.”


Historically, skilled audio professionals have created high-end audio components by carefully crafting circuits and taking great care in parts selection, resulting in expensive and often opulent products.

Thanks to innovations in digital design, NuPrime Audio is producing affordable audio that sounds as good as the best. Budget-minded music lover can now acquire an impeccable audio system that costs not much more than mass-market goods.

New Products

How To Choose

We recommend that customers select their audio system based on music/sonic preference and usage scenario. In particular, a higher price model does not necessarily mean that it is better. Due to advancements in audio technology, the performance gap between higher and lower classes of high-end audio is getting narrower every year. NuPrime “8 & 9” Series are suitable for entry to mid-level audiophiles looking for near reference-class audio components. High-end audiophiles typically choose between the “Evolution & 10” or “AMG” Series based on their personal preference. Please refer to “HOW TO BUY” section of the website for more information.

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