NuPrime's patent-pending anti-vibration feet typify NuPrime's innovative excellence irrespective of price. This innovative feature is included in most of the products.

The damping effect of NuPrime’s isolation feet absorbs and cancels vibrations that degrade audio performance. This manner of shielding from interference results in a pure and natural sound.

  1. M3 screw penetrates 2/3 of the silicone for stability and shock absorption.
  2. O-ring (R0.8mm) reduces surface contact to the minimum.
  3. Medical-grade silicone (40∘A & 60∘A) Single-process forming to absorb the unit’s weight and absorb surface-contact vibration. Two feet use 40∘A and two feet use 60∘A to compensate for interior components’ uneven weight distribution.
  4. 0.5T SECC galvanized steel for isolation and shock prevention.
  5. Minimum surface contact with the desktop.